Our preferred hotel is the North Star located just minutes away from the Hangzhou International Expo Center. We have a variety of hotel options you can choose form depending on your requirements and budget. Please browse the options available on the following link.

Build up and breakdown

Please reference the Exhibition timetable for build-up and breakdown times. Access is permitted dependent on what package you have, i.e. raw space, shell scheme, kiosk or meeting room.
It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure the set up/ construction of the stand is achievable within the published timetable.
There is strictly no early access or late working to the halls and once the halls are closed, as per event timetable, all construction must stop and contractors will need to vacant the halls.
Throughout Money20/20 China, a Service Centre for our official contractors will be in operation the teams will be on hand to help with orders you have made as well as assist with onsite requirements. The Money20/20 China Organisers office will also be manned at all times, please look out for signage onsite to direct you.
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Please ensure you have register for your build up passes prior to arriving on site. You can register for your contractor badges via SYMA. This is only applicable to raw space contractors.
Contractor Badge collection will be in the lobby outside hall 3B/C. This will be set up and accessible from 9am on Saturday 10th.
Contractors need to collect badges before unloading.
Cost for contractor badge is 20RMB. (30RMB if registering onsite)
There will also be Floor Managers in Money20/20 uniform patrolling the halls throughout build up and breakdown They are on hand to help with any questions you may have as well as to implement best practice for working safely onsite.
For all times of build-up, it is mandatory that all contractors are wearing safety boots during these times – trainers/ hard soled shoes are also permitted. Under no circumstances should sandals/ flip flops or soft soled shoes be worn. Hard hats must also be worn and can be hired through SYMA if needed. We also recommend wearing layers as the halls can get cold during build up and breakdown due to vehicle entry doors being open. High visibility clothing is also recommended.
Event open
Under no circumstances will maintenance work be permitted on stands during the exhibition open hours.
If at any time during the exhibition open days you need to carry out maintenance work on your stand, this must be done after the exhibition has closed.
Children onsite
Under no circumstances will children under the age of 16 years be allowed into the exhibition halls during build-up and breakdown. The exhibition halls can be hazardous during these times and this ruling is in place to protect children’s safety. We regret no exceptions can be made to this ruling.
Special Information for Breakdown
The exhibition halls close at 1745hrs on Friday 16th November. Under no circumstances may any goods be removed or packed away from your stand prior to this time.
Removal of displays only is due to commence at 1600hrs. We strongly advise you not to leave items unattended on your stand during breakdown.
Dismantling of your stands and exhibits will commence once the hall is cleared of all visitors. The Organisers will endeavour to clear the hall of visitors and begin breakdown as soon as possible, but we ask for your patience during this period.
Please note that the Organisers may delay breakdown if they feel it is unsafe to commence within the halls when the show event closes. Anyone found working against such instructions in an unsafe manner will be stopped immediately.
Electrical power to stands will be switched off shortly after the exhibition hall closes. If you require power to be left on after this time to assist you with breakdown, it is important you inform SYMA in advance of the event.
All shell scheme exhibits and displays must be removed from the halls by 2000hrs on Friday 16th November.
Any goods left in the halls after 1200hrs on Friday 16th November will be removed and environmentally sorted. Sponsors will be charged directly for this service and forfeit the deposit paid at the beginning of the event.
Waste’ refers to all walling, pallets, flooring and tape, furniture, unwanted literature etc.


This timetable refers to logistical timetable for Exhibition halls. Please reference the agenda for full event programme/ locations. It is mandatory that at least one person from the exhibiting company are onsite from the afternoon of Tuesday 13th to the evening of Friday 16th November!!