Meeting Cube

What's Included:

  • Walling – panels and 1 acrylic panel
  • 9sqm carpet
  • Electricals – 3 x Long Arm spotlights & 1 x 500w socket
  • Nameboard
  • 1x table
  • 4x chairs
  • 1x wastepaper bin
  • Logo on outside panel
  1. Total Panel Height including frame 2480mmHt
  2. Visible Panel 2360mmHt
  3. Graphic Panel 950mmW x 1200mmHt
  4. Visible Fascia Board 180mmHt
  • Fixing items to your shell scheme walls can be done but using double sided tabs or panel brackets which KINGSMEN will provide on request; Using nails, screws, pins, staples or painting the shell scheme is not permitted and any damage caused to the shell scheme will be charged back to the Sponsor.
  • If you wish to change the colour or type of floorcovering, please contact KINGSMEN as soon as possible. No refund will be given, and you will be responsible for arranging alternative flooring for your stand, as well as the removal of it.
  • Graphics can be ordered through KINGSMEN
Supplier Form Deadline Details
 Kingsmen Furniture / Graphics / Nameboard / Carpet / Cleaning / Floral 2019.11.1
 Kingsmen Stand Plans  2019.11.1
 Kingsmen  Vehicle Entry Permit  2019.11.1
 Kingsmen  Electrics / Water / Internet / AV  2019.11.1
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 Money20/20  Data Scanner  Coming soon  
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 HIEC  Catering  3 days in advance

Tea break contacts: Mr. Aaron Fang,


M: 159 5810 7108

Lunch box contacts: 18966489263

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