1. Contractor passes
Contractor passes will be handed out during build up and breakdown to gain access into the halls. 
- It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure the set up/ construction of the stand is achievable within the published timetable.
- A Service Centre for our official contractors will be in operation – the teams will be on hand to help you have made as well as assist with onsite requirements.  For more details, please contact Kingsmen.
- Floor Managers in Money20/20 China uniform patrolling the halls throughout build up and breakdown They are on hand to help with any questions you may have as well as to implement best practice for working safely onsite.
- Under no circumstances will children under the age of 16 years be allowed into the exhibition halls during build-up and breakdown.

2. Cloakroom
There is a cloakroom available for use at the event and you can check in coats and small bags. Items must be collected at the end of each day. Items must be a reasonable size for the cloakroom to accommodate, any larger packing cases and sponsor items must be stored with and this can be organised through our official Logistics contractor.

3. Cleaning and Waste management
- The communal areas of the event (aisle ways, venue corridors, private meeting room, conference rooms) will be cleaned throughout the venue.
- The shell scheme, kiosk and meeting cube will be cleaned by Kingsmen.  If you need further clean service, please contact Kingsmen.
- The space only booth will be cleaned by your own stand contractor
- If you need further cleaning request, please contact Kingsmen for more details.

4. Hosts/hostesses/interpreters
Our official contractor is FBC. They can organise interpreters for your stands and we strongly advise, due to the dual language used across the event that you have an interpreter available on your stand. Please reach out to FBC directly to discuss your requirements.  Email: Money2020@globalfbc.com
5. Accommodation
We secured a special rate at North Star Hangzhou International Expo Center Hotel but with limited rooms, so please book as early as possible.  We also have many other hotels you can choose, according to your own requirements, for more details please refer to the following links: www.orient-explorer.net/money2020

6. Catering
Due to the safety reason of venue, any food outside the exhibition hall is not allowed to be brought in your booth or conference room, Food and beverage can be ordered for your stand via the venue. Please feel free to contact venue directly who will be happy to help.  For tea break, 3 days in advance is needed, please contact Mr. Aaron Fang, Email:fangb@hiechangzhou.com, M: 159 5810 7108.  For Lunch box, 1 day in advance is needed, please contact: 18966489263

7. Internet & Wi-fi
There will be complimentary Wi-Fi provided at Money20/20 China for all attendees.  All sponsor internet and Wi-Fi requirements will need to be booked directly through Kingsmen.  All IT connections and wireless networks used must be ordered via Kingsmen.

8. Visa invitation letter
All foreigners must obtain an entry visa before proceeding to China. You are strongly recommended to process the application one month before departure from the country of origin, if you have this request, please click here

9. Water and drainage services
Watering must be controlled to eliminate leakage or seepage. The sponsors will bear all costs for any damages caused to the Centre. Please note that all cleaning of these materials must be done within the contractual period of time.  Please close the water source before leaving.

10. Music & Videos
Money 20/20 do not regulate, control, approve or disapprove any audio/visual presentations, performance or publication of music or any other audio or visual presentations. Nevertheless, Money 20/20 retains the right to regulate the volume of any sound, whether it be music, voice, special or artificial effects, soundtrack of a video content, to the extent that the same does not interfere with other licensees within the facilities or is determined to be offensive or otherwise violates the terms or the rules and regulations or license agreement.  If you wish to use copyrighted materials, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements with the relevant authorities for a license to perform such copyrighted music.

11. Disabled access
Hangzhou International Expo Center is accessible for wheelchair users. The aisles of Hangzhou International Expo Center are flat and spacious. Lifts and disabled toilets are present in the building.  

12. Arriving
Taxis enter from Gate 2 to and drop off at E3, then take the sightseeing ladder to gate C9 on the 2nd floor.

The self-drive car is entered from the Gate 3, park in area A and B of the underground parking garage, which near the sightseeing ladder, take go to door C9 on the 2nd floor.

Disabled parking is available and there is directional signage onsite, parking fee is RMB 5 /2hrs.
Underground parking lot: from the main entrance to the venue, parking fee is RMB 5 / 2hrs.

Parking validation QR code be collected from registration desk, info desk and will be sent in delegate email. 

Alternatively, you can access to HIEC via public transport such as Taxi, Subway line, Bus. More information can be found at www.hiechanghzou.com.