APT are the official Logistics contractor for Shipping, Customs Clearance and on-site handling for Money20/20 China.  For detailed information and guidelines on the above, please reference official Shipping manual.
To order freight/shipping services, please complete the Freight order form and return directly to APT. 
For any queries, please contact: 

Contact: Jimmy Zhu Tel: (86) 21 6124 0090 Ext. 315 / Fax: (86) 21 6124 0091
HP: (86) 138 177 90803 Email:

Access & Unloading
During build up and breakdown everyone who enters the venue must have an access badge and are obligated to wear appropriate PPE. Please ensure you are wearing such items otherwise you will be denied access to the venue. You can purchase your contractor pass for the venue via Kingsmen. 

Cargo Insurance 
It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange Marine (Transport) Insurance covering transport to the exhibition, during the exhibition, till the return of the exhibits to domicile/ exhibits sold locally, including the period the exhibits are handled by APT Show freight. APT’s tariff is computed based on volume and weight and has no correlation with the value of exhibits which means the cost of insurance cover is not included. If any exhibition goods were damaged by APT’s responsibility without insurance coverage, APT can pay for claim at maximum three times of handling fee for damaged exhibits. 

Heavy and oversize exhibits 
Please contact APT for a separate quotation if any of your exhibits exceeding 500kg or any dimension exceeding L3.0m x W2.2m x H2.0m. 

If exhibitors have heavy and oversize exhibits, you must be on-site early to direct the operation of unloading and positioning. If crane of forklift is required for installation of equipment, please send your requirement to APT as early as possible so that they can arrange contracting such equipment in advance. A quote will be given after receiving your enquiry.

Vehicle access 
You will need to apply for a vehicle pass to gain access to unload at the venue. This can be applied for via Kingsmen and is charged at RMB40.00 for no more than 4hours.