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Media and Industry Partners


36Kr Media’s vision is to become the leading internet new business media. With its mission to “let a few people see the future first”, 36Kr Media provides China’s technology startups, investors and professionals with cutting edge global news of technology innovation, startups and investments. 36Kr Media covers macroeconomic data analysis, policy analysis, industry prediction, as well as investment and financing news in global primary market. It is not only an information service provider for the technology innovation and entrepreneurship, but also an integrator of the industry chain and a creator of an innovative lifestyle. As The Wall Street Journal for the Wall Street, 36Kr Media is the weathervane of China’s technology innovation and entrepreneurship.  

36Kr Media has grown into one of the most influential internet new business media in China. By the end of 2017, the media has covered 150,000,000 readers worldwide and has issued over 50,000 articles. As the major reporter of domestic startup projects, it has helped over 30,000 startups gain international exposure, with 90% of them having their media debuts on 36Kr Media’s news platform. 85% of the early-stage startups in China which received funding were reported by 36Kr Media. In the startups reported by 36Kr, 58% of them received investment, and 40% received investment from leading investors.                    

36Kr Media has built up a comprehensive content system covering technology entrepreneurship and investment. The content system includes seven modules: startup reports, business reports, flash news, international news, 36Kr TV, 36Kr Future Life and 36Kr Selected Tech News. From written reports to video clips, the media provides a panoramic view of global technology entrepreneurship and investment trends. Furthermore, the recently updated features include three paid services: startup projects recommendation and research reports for investors, knowledge columns and videos for individual users, and professional content tailored for companies and professionals in technology and entrepreneurship.

36Kr Media has leading strengths in content production, content operation and content distribution. 36Kr Media has the most competitive elite team for content production and operation, thus enjoys dominant resources in China’s media industry. The president of 36Kr Media, Mr. Feng Dagang, is the co-founder of CBNweekly and a prestigious investor. The core members of content production team came from reputable business media, including Figure, 21st Century Business Herald, Reuters, and For content distribution, 36Kr Media has covered all the channels, dominating internet new economy content distribution and reaching the majority of online readers.