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Media and Industry Partners

ABC Finance

Hangzhou Xianyan Information Technology CO., LTD., founded in September 2018,which has its core team composed of senior figures in the field of finance, media and science technology, etc. The company is positioned as a leading financial technology information platform, which has a portal ABC finance and new media sub-brands Fintech news, Consumer finance observer mission and Block chain intelligence agency, etc. At present, ABC finance has established a complete information content system and network distribution channel in all the fields of fintech and new finance. Where there are financial readers, there is ABC finance. As the first information platform focusing on the forefront of fintech and new financial consumer education in China, we always adhere to the objective and open value concept and provide costumers professional communication services. In addition to information and traffic services, we also offer the following services: 1. Integrate we media and channel resources to provide customers brand strategy and integrated marketing services. 2. We are working with leading companies and institutions in the industry to release reports on financial technology fields such as consumer finance, online lending, risk control technology, block chain technology, etc. 3. Organize various salons and conferences to provide a sharing and communication platform for the industry.