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Strategic Media Partner


Ebrun is the most influential e-commerce knowledge platform in China. Focusing on e-commerce, Ebrun has reached more than 20 million e-commerce managers around the world and established an extensive influence on retailing, agriculture, cross-border e-commerce, health, automobile, e-commerce service, international e-commerce, etc. Ebrun provides knowledge service of the whole industrial chain including e-commerce media, conferences and exhibitions, service connection, online and offline training and data transaction to our clients from every industry field. Currently, Ebrun operates website, mobile App and provide relevant services in the following subdivision fields: is the most influential e-commerce media with a set of new media array in omni-channels reaching more than 20 million professional e-commerce managers and decision makers. We have 5 million subscribers in total, including 1 million Wechat public account followers, and our E-commerce news App has 600 thousand installation. Ebrun Business School is an e-commerce resources library and customized training platform, providing a series of well-known e-commerce training services and operating communities such as Ebrun Madmen, 100 E-commerce Speeches, Sky Top Internet Elite, Horseshoe Community, etc. is the largest domestic e-commerce service platform, running the App Introducing, an e-commerce experts learning platform, organizing Siilu E-commerce Service Conference, and operating an e-commerce service community Shanwu Clan. DT E-commerce Website is the only omni-channel media focused on all the e-commerce industry data, including Web site, App and Wechat public account. Ebrun Marketing Department helps enterprises seize the opportunities of e-commerce and digital economy. We provide customized digital marketing solutions integrated the whole industrial chain resources from online to offline for our clients, including market insights, brand planning, consulting, integrated cross-platform marketing and community marketing. Ebrun Convention & Exhibition is the weathervane of e-commerce industry. We have organized a series of well participated e-commerce forums in China, including Ebrun Future Retail Convention, Ebrun Cross-border E-commerce Summit, Ebrun B2B Convention, and etc Ebrun Research Institute is a think tank focusing on e-commerce industry and related policy study. We have participated in drafting a series of critical e-commerce policies and development plans for Central and local governments, and provided e-commerce consulting service for many giants and international brands. In 2017, as the leader in ecommerce media, Ebrun updated its mission to narrow and eliminate the e-commerce knowledge gap, and committed to be the most influential e-commerce knowledge platform. In the April of 2016, Ebrun was listed on New Three Board, with stock name of Yi Shang Lian Dong, and stock code of 836568. Currently, Ebrun has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Changchun and Xiamen.