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Media and Industry Partner

Information Times

The "Information Times" is a core member of the GuangZhou Daily newspaper group,which is part of the first newspaper group in China. Information Times is a mainstream and urban new daily.
In 2001, the Information Times was changed from financial and economic newspapers to comprehensive daily newspapers. For the first time, it took "lion newspaper" as its image to establish itself in the ranks of GuangZhou comprehensive daily newspapers, and quickly became the second largest newspaper retail market in GuangZhou.

In 2008, the Information Times took on the media responsibility of "being close to the people and reflecting the people's feelings" with a new orientation of "understanding the people's feelings and putting life first", and constantly raised its value and image in the eyes of readers.
The Information Times has a daily circulation of 1.57 million copies and a readership of nearly 6 million, which is recognized by business managers, senior white-collar workers and private business owners. Its distribution areas are mainly in GuangZhou,DongGuan, FoShan, ZhongShan and other mainstream consumer cities, covering the entire guangdong province.

For 15 years, the "Information Times" has moved on, making the news, the information, the people, the people, the people, the people.

A group of rich and consuming readership, constantly promoting the "Information Times" brand, making the "Information Times" a very cost-effective newspaper, and also one of the most successful mainstream media outlets in the world.