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Media and Industry Partner


Financial Wechat Official Account of Mr.Chow Introduction Wechat ID:zhougongziducai  

Slogan:The most romantic thing is to grow rich with you. About Financial Wechat Official Account of Mr.Chow:  

Keep unique and intriguing is what we insist. Mr.Chow, a few financial Wechat official account in which proposes originality and creativity, persists in refusing sterotyped and monotonous eassy. Specialized in Internet finance industry, wealth management and insurance, Mr.Chow follows hot spots, not only providing unique and fresh vision for enterprises' analysis but also helping fans to solve problems.  

Currently, the number of fans has reached over 50,000, attributed to high quality production, covering wealth management communities such as Ant Financial, Snowball and Beidd. Mr.Zhou also sets foot in Toutiao, Sina blog, Sina Financial, Netease, UC and other apps.  

Many of the original essays won 100,000+ page views and 2017 Annual popularity award of We Media was granted. Mr Chow was invited to attend to a number of financial and economic events,such as the exchange meetings held by Tencent,MasterCard,the French consulate in Guangzhou,China.