Media and Industry Partner


Media and Industry Partners


ShowFin is a professional mixed marketing service provider in Fintech field. ShowFin owns vertical new media brands in a number of industries, including 「 Paypedia 」, 「 Consumer Finance Channel 」and 「 overseas Jinke Road 」, among which 「 Paypedia 」was founded in 2012. It is the earliest mobile communication platform of financial payment and bank card information in China, which ranks first in influence and communication. in 2018, it entered the new list of the top 100 new media in China. In the same year, he was shortlisted as "Tencent Grain in Beard Plan, Tencent Chief Plan, Jinri Toutiao Qingyun Project". The platform operation team is composed of bank card practitioners and senior media personnel. it adheres to the original and central bank policy interpretation, industry hot topic research, in-depth investigation, and so on. It covers hundreds of thousands of payment industries, bank card industries, regulators, equipment manufacturers, merchant groups, media, associations and professional bodies, and currently has a cumulative total of more than hundreds of millions of readings.