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What to expect at Money20/20 China

Money20/20 China is the newest addition to the Money20/20 global portfolio of destination events where the industry's smartest visionaries and innovators come together to create the future of money. We've launched Money20/20 China in response to strong demand from Chinese companies with domestic and international growth plans, and global companies seeking expansion across China.

With 1.4billion people making US$5.5 trillion in mobile payments last year, China's FinTech industry is way past the tipping point. Consumer-led and government backed, China's domestic appetite to invent and embrace new FinTech products shows no sign of slowing. It's a unique market because its size, aptitude and appetite enable a plethora of companies to build innovative strategies on domestic growth alone, while a smaller group of cutting-edge companies embark on international strategies. Thanks to the formidable speed, skill and scale of Chinese invention, many of the world's FinTech products, platforms and practices look to China first for the benchmark.

Money20/20 China will offer:

A bridge of collaboration between China and the world

Money20/20 China provides an exclusive access for international companies to understand the China FinTech market, and connect with the industry leading players. A stellar line up of speakers—local and global—will explore the most pressing topics, such as financial inclusion, x-border innovation and the digital payments revolution, that are shaping the future of FinTech. Chinese and international FinTech leaders will gather together to explore collaboration and business opportunities.

The ecosystem's most influential leaders

Money20/20 China brings a senior audience of key stakeholders from established multinational organizations to the earliest stage startups as well as retailers, investors, analysts, media, regulators and more. It connects the traditional banking industry with the new tech industry, and brings all the players from the finance ecosystem. Money20/20 China will be the crossroads for the great innovation, discussion, and such in FinTech.

An unparalleled inclusive experience

Money20/20 China delivers exceptional, modern and fun experience, untethered from legacy. You can expect exceptional content from the most senior influencers and networking experience through interactive programs.

Why come to Money20/20 China

Money20/20 is widely acknowledge as the premier event for the most senior decision makers to come together and connect, learn and form partnerships. Your presence at the world's leading payments event is the opportunity for you to:

- Learn about the latest disruptions and trends from the most innovative leaders

- Seize new business opportunities and build game-changing partnerships

- Raise brand awareness amongst a global, senior audiences

- Make major announcements and launch new products or companies

- Fundraise or source investments

- Network with the industry's smartest visionaries and thought-leaders

Expected Audiences

Seniority *


- China

- North America

- Europe

- Pan-Asia

- Rest of the world

Company type *

(* Based on Money20/20 USA and Europe actuals from 2016)