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Fei Cheng
Founder and Chairman,Shenzhen Union Financial Management CO., Ltd.

Mr. Cheng graduated from Jilin University Business School and subsequently from Hong Kong Baptist University with Master of Financial Management degree. With 5 years of lending experience in a commercial bank in China, Mr. Cheng is familiar with local and international markets of capital and risky assets. Featuring rich experience in bankruptcy restructuring, he served as Deputy leader and participated in or headed up the restructuring of four major public companies. Lessons and insights learned from his involvement in banking and restructuring helped him better understand the demands of financial institutions and pain spots in the market. Mr. Cheng founded Shenzhen Union Financial Management Co., Ltd. in 2014, the first entity specializing in offering intelligent risk-control solution. In 2016, Union Financial Management launched the first intelligent system on risk asset in China and developed the intelligent solution for commercial banks. As of June 2018, Union Financial Management has provided risk management consulting services to 115 commercial bank headquarters and branches, involving the risk asset information scale of RMB 150 billion.