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Baoguo Chen
Chairman,PPmoney Wanhui Group

Chen Baoguo, the Chairman of PPmoney Wanhui Group, Director of China Internet Finance Association and Executive Director of China International Chamber of Commerce, who has more than 20 years experience in financial industry management, and also is a trailblazers and leader in the field of Chinese Internet Finance. As the founder of Guangdong Internet Finance Association, Chen currently is the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Association. Chen is also the founder of Guangdong Finance Leasing Association as, the Executive Chairman of Guangdong Commercial Factoring Association, and the Honorary Chairman of Guangzhou GSP Finance Association as well. Furthermore, Chen was elected as the Representative of the Ninth National People's Congress of Guangzhou Tianhe District. Chen was appointed as a Visiting Professor and a Supervisor (off-campus) of Guangdong University of Finance, and the Supervisor (off-campus) of Postgraduate study in Finance of  Guangdong University of Finance & Economics.

PPmoney Wanhui Group is a leading practitioner in the field of Digital Financial Inclusion, whose business involves peer-to peer lending, consumer finance, agricultural finance etc. Over the years, the Group has built a number of well-known Financial Inclusion brands, including PPmoney peer-to-peer leading that focuses on consumer loans, Internet Loan Service Provider Jidai, and Wanhui Sannong that concentrates on agricultural finance.

The Group always remain the corporate vision of "people's money for people". By relying on big data, artificial intelligence, mobile technology and other advanced scientific and technological methods, which constantly provides online wealth management, financial inclusion services for People who cannot affordable to make credit in traditional banking system. The Group’s mission is becoming the leader in the field of Fintech.