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Vijay Mauree
Programme Coordinator, Study Groups Department,ITU

Vijay Mauree joined the ITU headquarters in Geneva, in 2010. He is currently the main focal point for Digital Financial Services at the ITU. He has coordinated the work of the ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services, which completed in December 2016 and published 28 reports and some 84 policy recommendations. He is currently coordinating the work of the ITU-T Focus Group on Digital Currency including Digital Fiat Currency and the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI) which is a joint programme of the ITU, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements and the Gates Foundation. He published four Technology Watch reports on Optical networks, Smart Water Management, Privacy in the Cloud and Mobile Money. Vijay obtained his first degree in Computer Science with Electronic Engineering from University College London, UK and his Masters degree in Information Technology from Imperial College, Science and Technology, UK. He also holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management in UK.