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David Wen
Chairman,ITU Focus Group on Digital Currency and Digital Flat currenty

Dr David Wen is the Chairman of ITU-T Focus Group on Digital Currency including Digital Fiat Currency. He is also the co-founder and Chief Scientist of eCurrency. Aft­er obtaining his Ph.D from Oxford University, he has worked at NTT Communication Science Laboratory in Japan, before appointed the youngest Associate Professor in Tokyo Science University. When visiting Stanford University as a visiting professor, he decided to apply his research to build solution for challenging and impactful ventures in the real world. He started as a security architect at ActivCard (now HID Global) and was responsible for the design of the Identity Management Solution for the Department of Defense’s Common Access Card (CAC) program. He went on to become the product manager, program manager and Chief Scientist at Fortune 500 companies such as Dell and SAIC, managing the deployment of US Federal Government’s Personal Identification and Verification (PIV) program at NASA, DHS, FDA. He is one of the main contributors who enabled the most advanced Digital Identity Management solution for the entire US government by the 2008 deadline set by President George Bush in HSPD-12. In September 2011, he co-founded eCurrency Mint Ltd, applying his extensive experience building nation wide security program to the solution of a Central Bank Issued Digital Currency. He helped coin the term Digital Fiat Currency working as the US expert to ISO Technical Committee 68 (SC 2) for digital currency security, and led the establishment of the ITU-T Focus Group on Digital Fiat Currency, working with central banks and telecom regulators from the over 27 developing countries. He is also the founder of Digital Fiat Currency Institute.