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David Chen
Founder & CEO,Manaowan

Graduated from Zhejiang University in 2006, David Chen joined Accenture as a senior consultant and worked over 2 years in Melbourne on Customer Cares, Billings and Payments. In 2009, David Chen came back to Hangzhou and joined Alipay, serving as the head of the Alipay Research Institute.

In Alipay, David Chen had a nickname called “Fang Xuanling”, an outstanding prime minister in Tang Dynasty. During his 6 years in Alipay, he had worked as the head of the Alipay Research Institute, the director of the Alipay Investment Department and the assistant to Eric Jing, who’s the CEO of Ant Financial Services Group.

In July 2015, David Chen founded manaowan.com together with his schoolmates from Zhejiang University and colleagues from Alibaba, offering an online platform where investors can invest and borrowers can borrow easily and efficiently, which is quite important especially for individuals and SMEs lack of financing channels. By 31 Oct 2018, manaowan.com has served over 2 million users and had an accumulated transaction of 28.2 billion RMB, stepping into the Top 50 of China’s FinTech firms.

Based on the platform, manaowan.com has now grown to Mazai Group, which consists of Peer-to-Peer Lending, Anti-Fraud and Risk-Management Capabilities Output, Auto-Loans and Micro-Loans etc. Meanwhile, David Chen was honored as one of the “10 Persons on FinTech of the Year 2016”.