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Dong Yang
Professor and Vice President of School of Law,Renmin University of China

Yang dong, professor and vice-president of School of Law, Renmin University of China, Ph.D.  supervisor, director of Fintech and Internet Security Research Center(vice-director of Fintech Committee, Payment and Clearing Association, the People's Bank of China), director of Big Data, Blockchain and Regtech Laboratory. First batch of Youth Changjiang Scholars Programme of China of the Ministry of Education, Nomination Award of Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in China, Deputy president of China Securities Law Society. Expert from the State Council’s Internet Finance Special Rehabilitation Office, Experts in Electronic Commerce Law, Securities Law and Futures Law of the NPC, Commended by the Financial and Economic Commission of the NPC. Expert member of National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Circulation, the National Development and Reform Commission, Expert member of SFC and Securities Investor Protection Fund Company, Member of expert group on Digital Economy in China and Europe, Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, Member of the research group of the SAIC's Anti-Unfair Competition Law, Member of the National Internet Finance Safety Technology Committee, Member of the Network loan special committee, Internet Finance Association of China, Deputy director of the Blockchain special committee, China Electronics Society, Executive member of Blockchain special committee, China Computer Society.

One of the earliest scholars studying block chains in China, the first scholar to give a lecture about the blockchain in Zhongnanhai State Office. He published the first monograph on blockchain application scenarios research, opened an undergraduate course about blockchain firstly in China, helped students to set up Jingulian, the first blockchain program in China, and introduced blockchain to local governments in Guiyang, Qingdao, Chongqing and Loudi, helped to land the first blockchain government project, making great contributions to the development of blockchain. In 2015, he proposed the application of blockchain in the financial field in the book Internet + Finance = Crowd Financing. In 2017, he analyzed the blockchain practice innovatively from the legal perspective in the book Blockchain & Law: A Guide to Business Practice and Law of Blockchain, providing strategic guidance for enterprises to layout Block Chain. In 2018, he proposed the theory of Gongpiao Economy in the book Blockchain + Regulation = Regchain, filling the theoretical gap of China's blockchain application, he was called “Crowd-funding Yang” and “Gongpiao Yang” by the society.

In the past 3 years, he published Legal Regulations of Internet Finance, From the Perspective of Information Tools, and Regtech: Challenges and Dimensions of Financial Science and Technology on the Chinese Social Sciences, and he won the first prize of the 14th Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Excellent Achievements Award, bringing great influence to the society.