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Michelle Prance
Strategy and Innovation Director,Lloyds Banking

Michelle Prance is a world-class fintech innovator, creating solutions that grow value at the highest levels of the banking industry. She has achieved exceptional commercial success leading multi-disciplinary digital transformation teams in financial services.

As Strategy and Innovation Director at Lloyds Banking, Michelle provides insights and data to the Group Executive on strategic bets and opportunities for Lloyds. This follows outstanding success as Transformation Director, delivering digital tools and streamlined processes creating £27m in benefits and improved customer experience.

Michelle is a qualified business accountant with a deep knowledge of the financial services industry, starting in Asset Management with Credit Suisse and later delivering the first and only retail derivative trading platform inside a bank, Marketindex at ABN AMRO. 

She enjoys swimming, sprint triathlons and “reading anything to test and inspire me to challenge the status quo.”