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Carson Huang
Co-Founder & CEO,Camel Financial

Carson Huang, CEO of Camel Financial, Post 80s Entrepreneur, set up Camel Financial in 2017.

 As a founding member of Ali-Pay Global and ex member of Global Finance in Ant Financial, Carson was in charge of transnational migration for system and operations in HSBC APAC Strategic Planning and Project Management Department. Before that, He worked for International Credit Card and SME Finance department in Standard Chartered HK. From 2012, He joined the founding team of Ali-Pay International, Taobao HK and Tmall International and cooperated with many international banks and card organizations to expand early cross-border payment tools and multi-currency settlement channels in early stage. In 2013, his team successfully completed the first cross-border RMB settlement trial operation of Taobao. At the beginning of 2014, he participated in the leading batch of “barcode/two-dimensional code” offline mobile payment schemes in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and expanded to tens of thousands of pilot merchants in half a year and formed a large-scale offline scene. Since then, this mobile payment method, which was included in the National Non-contact Mobile Payment Regulations as “Administrative Measures for Network Payment Services of Non-Bank Payment Institutions” in 2016, has been widely used in the industry. In September 2017, Carson joined the trade finance technology, and Camel Financial was founded accordingly.