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John Zhang
CEO,Shanghai Longde Internet Technology Co, LTD

Jianwei Zhang is a business executive with over 15 years experience on Chinese market. He is leading an Internet entrepreneurial company in the last 4 years.

Jianwei established KKH Group and acted as CEO in 2014in the meantime he had been acting as the vice chairman of International Chamber Of Commerce Shanghai for a decade.  KKH led the information service creation in event and exhibition industry, driving 10x growth.

Jianwei is a scholar-type entrepreneur on Internet or E-commerce expert. He has appeared on CBN and CCTV.  His professional work on E-commerce and New Retail which have been published by Fudan University Press.

Jianwei has a Doctorate of Management from University de Nice and has extensive experience in consulting, investment and operational roles. In his career, he also makes an impact as a strategic partner of PE and trust funds.