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Hongzhou Jin
Founder and CEO,Tsign

Hongzhou Jin graduated from MBA Zhejiang University . Jin started to engage in e-signature sector at the end of 2002, and now, he has become a leader in e-signature, a promoter of paperless ecology, and a founder of top brand in e-signature sector.

As a man of engineering, Jin is strict with his products, and has an extremely high pursuit for upgrading and innovation of technology. As a senior in startup, he gave up a well-paid position in Alibaba resolutely, and turned to an unknown and small e-signature industry. Jin overcame difficulties in capital, born pains brought by transformation and welcomed a market of great potential.

Jin has engaged in e-signature industry for 16 years, and he has gained the qualification of public security department, court, National Security Bureau and other relevant departments, With the completion of the cooperation with 38 CA institutions in China, the products cover the service modules of the national time stamp, face recognition, online arbitration, judicial authentication green channel, block chain technology storage and so on.by the end of Jul. 2018, the company had attracted over 1.5 million company users including Alibaba, Baidu, HIKVISION, Dahua Technology, Ting Hsin Group, etc., and 120 million individual users, with a total number of 4.2 billion signatures; in addition, Tsign team to complete the upgrade from a dozen people to more than three hundred people,scale upgrading, strength upgrading......

Tsign has completed B1 fund-raising of 150 million RMB in Jan. 2018, invested by Qianhai Wutong and Qingking Yinxing, which has been the largest single investment in the field of e-signature by now. By far, Tsign has raised a capital over 200 million RMB.