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Zhen Mei
Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer,Fadada

Jury Committee Experts of Standard Term Contract of Shenzhen Market Supervisory Authority / Arbitrator of the Guangzhou Arbitration Committee of China / Risk Control Committee Expert of Guangdong Internet Finance Association / China Electronic Evidence and Intellectual Property Legal Expert. Mr Mei has deep legal study on the electronic signature application at cross-industry scenarios. He has several influential essays published on the Electronic Signature Law. He is the co-writer of the first Legal Application and Development Research of the Electronic Contract in China, Security Regulation of Peer-to-peer Lending at the Internet Finance Industry, Electronic Contract Evidence Reservation Guide for Peer-to-peer Lending Industry in Shanghai. Mr. Mei is also a legal expert pioneer in the study of blockchain evidence reservation application. He is awarded as Outstanding Lawyer of Shenzhen in Y2012 by the Judicial Bureau of Shenzhen.