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Jay Wang
Founder,Regal Anchor capital

Jay Wang, a series entrepreneur in his early career built successful technology company with the Internet, Interwoven and corporate travel business, EntMaster back in the mid 90s. His seeming insatiable appetite for the disruptive next generation technology brings him to the latest ventures into the Big data, Genome sequencing, AI and BlockChain technology. 

Even during his career with Goldman Sachs and Accenture, he discovered how being an early adopter of new technology can effectively being a game changer to many so called traditional industries and business.  In the past couple years, he has closely worked with many startups in AI and blockchain that focus on helping global financial institutions transform their business models by leveraging the disruptive technologies. One user case is about gaining efficiency and new relationship models between banks and their insurance partners.  The other case is about new risk management models that can transform the credit industry. 

Jay is an early adopter and active investor for blockchain technology.  He has partnered and invested over 20 projects since 2015. He holds a deep belief the transformative nature of the technology and long term investment strategy with these projects. He believes the best yet to come and his mission is to help build future unicorn businesses within the blockchain industry.