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Chen Yu
President & Co-Founder,YeePay

Chen Yu is the President and cofounder of YeePay – a leading payment service provider in China.

Chen Yu has more than 20 years of experience in the internet, e-commerce and software fields. Before creating YeePay, Yu served as director and product marketing manager for Oracle, the software giant based in the US. He was in charge of developing global strategic partnerships and marketing the company's application server products and internet and E-commerce solutions. Yu also has held IT positions at John Deere and AT&T Bell Laboratories, and he once served as a director of the Silicon Valley China Wireless Association. Yu was listed among "China's Top 100 Influential Names of JinYing in the Smartphone Circle" in 2010, and he also is on the list of EC100 Influential E-businesses in China in 2013. Yu is dedicated to active exploration and innovation in the internet field. He is the author of the best seller Into the Future.