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As China's largest third-party electronic signature platform, Tsign is committed to offering electronic signature services with legal force to customers. In this way, the paper signing process, which used to take days, now needs only tens of seconds.Tsign provides a complete set of electronic signature services, ranging from electronic signature and document filing management to signature data storage and judicial evidence certification. This greatly improves paper signing efficiency, saves paper circulation costs, realizes the electronicization of documents, and enhances document management efficiency. Sound evidence storage services and subsequent judicial services leave companies without worries.Partners of Tsign include Alibaba, Baidu, HIKVISION, Dahua Technology, Ting Hsin Group and other top companies. Application scenarios cover finance, Internet+, enterprise supply chain contracts, copyright protection, e-government, business registration, etc. By the end of Jul. 2018, Tsign owned 52 copyrights and 16 innovation patents and had undertaken 2 state-level projects. The Company has served over 1.2 million enterprise users and boasts more than 150 million individual users, with cumulative number of signatures exceeding 4.2 billion times.