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BestSign, as the leading electronic signature company in China, provides enterprises for the professional services of real-name authentication, online signing, contract deposit and management, litigation support, insurance and compensation, etc., which cover the whole life cycle of electronic contract, by virtue of computer, cellphone, PAD, and other platforms, the enterprise can achieve online real-time signing of contracts anywhere and anytime with other enterprises and personal users, and ensure the security and legal compliance of contracts which can't be changed through API interface, web page, APP and many other ways. 

Since founded in 2014 to now, BestSign has received investments successively from Matrix Partners China, DCM, Shunwei Capital, WPS, Morningside Venture Capital, and other brand funds, and it is the first company that has obtained the international certificate of ISO27001 and is also the only electronic signing company that is authenticated with Trusted Cloud by MIIT.

In 2017, BestSign purchased QuickSign, which opened the first acquisition in the industry of electronic signing in China. At present, the daily signing numbers has broken through 10 million times, which has exceeded over 300 thousands enterprise customers.

The core members of BestSign team come from the renowned enterprises of Apple, Intuit, ADP, Alibaba, Amazon, Cisco, SAP, People's Bank of China, NetEase, etc., who have strong technological strength, rich experience and resources of the enterprise service.