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Ubiquity Global Services is a multinational outsourcing organization offering a wide variety of business services designed to improve customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs. The world's leading outsourcer for the FinTech and emerging payments sector, Ubiquity's offering includes live customer experience management services, interactive voice response (IVR) solutions and a comprehensive risk and compliance solution, including fraud detection and disputes management services. Ubiquity has developed a next-generation technology platform engineered for operational excellence while delivering clients meaningful and actionable business intelligence.

Headquartered in New York City, the company’s expanding network includes call center delivery locations in the United States, Hungary, Portugal, El Salvador and the Philippines. Planned expansion includes sites in Colombia and Amsterdam, the company's planned innovation hub for the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.  

Together with its clients, Ubiquity is pioneering a new approach for maximizing the potential of every customer contact.