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Lianlian Pay

Founded in 2003, LianLian Yintong Electronic Payment Co., Ltd (LianLian Pay) is the fourth largest third party payment service provider in China, with a registered capital of RMB 325 million. LianLian’s cross-border payment now supports settlement of 19 currencies and enjoys direct connection and comprehensive service from all the major domestic banks.

In 2015, LianLian Pay became one of the first partners of China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area (the first national-level cross-border e-commerce pilot zone approved by China's State Council). Fast-growing, innovation-oriented and highly-adaptive, LianLian Pay, as one of the top mobile payment companies in China, has been priding itself in focusing on and excelling at providing total payment solution in the form of CUP cards mobile payment, cross-border payment and settlement, RMB and foreign currency disbursement, and international remittance services etc. for tens of millions of individual customers and thousands of merchants and partners. By the end of 2018, LianLian Pay has achieved a historical cumulative transaction volume of more than 460 billion US dollars by serving over 360 million users. The historical cumulative cross-border payment transaction volume has exceeded 14 billion US dollars in 2018, which helps LianLian Pay become the NO.1 payment service provider in cross-border business scale in China. More and more international partners and cross-border traders get to know LianLian Pay. In September 2018, LianLian DigiTech Co., Ltd., the parent company of LianLian Pay, has firmly became a super unicorn enterprise by obtaining an approximately investment amounting to 5 billion Chinese Yuan by Sequoia Capital China and other investors, by which LianLian Pay’s valuation has reached more than 10 billion Chinese Yuan. This inspiring funding into LianLian DigiTech Co., Ltd. is also a solid supporting ground for LianLian Pay to expand her global business and establish a better eco-system for international cross-border e-commerce traders.

With a strong track record in customizing products and services, LianLian Pay is dedicated and well-positioned to establishing a global network with payment and fund transfer capabilities by leveraging the expanding Chinese economy and increasing acceptance of RMB. Where there is LianLian Pay, there is simple, inexpensive, fast, and secure payment and clearing services for merchants and consumers around the world.