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1. Rigging over your space only stand is permitted for Money20/20 2020. All rigging will need to be booked directly through Kingsmen and for health and safety reasons Kingsmen must carry out all rigging onsite.
2. Contractors must be onsite to indicate the rigging point.
3. All rigging is expected to be completed on Saturday 30th November, for more details please check with Kingsmen.
4. The maximum height for rigging is 8m from the top to the venue floor, and the lowest rigging point above 6m. All rigging must be contained within the confines of your stand and may not overhang any gangways or neighbouring stands the banner must sit 1m in from the edge of the stand and 2m in from any party walling.
5. The load is not to exceed 100kg in weight and not longer than 4m in length and width.
6. Please include all rigging designs with your space only stand build and submit these to Kingsmen for approval. 
7. Brought in banners must be delivered to Kingsmen before the preferred banner hanging time

Find a contractor

Sponsors may work with a contractor of their choice. If, however, you are looking for a contractor, please feel free to contact our preferred suppliers:


Room 1501,Hui Tong Building. No 569 Jin Ling Road(East) Shanghai 200021 PRC


Tel         : (021) 5386 9000


Jason Zhang, Email:

Ellie Wu, Email:

Ben Li, Email:


Submit your plans for approval

Submit plans including the below to Kingsmen for approval


**Please note all space only stands must adhere to regulations below. **

Beyond that, more information and detail, please contact Kingsmen

  1. Technical stand plans showing all dimensions and internal layouts on the stand.
  2. Method Statement – a written description of the stand builds detailing materials used/ time schedule etc.
  3. Risk Assessment – an examination of what, during the build-up, open days and breakdown of the stand, could cause harm to yourself or other people.
  4. The event has a 4.5m height limit – no part of the stand may exceed 4.5m from the venue floor, this includes any platforms.
  5. All trilete walling structures need to be either ‘T’ shaped, or ‘L’ shaped to provide enough support.
  6. Maximum height limit 4.5m and minimum height limit 2.5m
  7. Walling in open sides you stand must not exceed one third of the total run of meterage of each open side.
  8. Sponsors must consider the dressing/decoration of the reverse of any walling that is exposed to attendees and neighbouring stands. This must be decorated to an acceptable standard.
  9. Building over Gangways is not permitted, it is the responsibility of all sponsors and their contractors to build within the confines of the space marked on the exhibition floor.
  10. Demonstration noise levels must also be kept to an acceptable level for neighbouring sponsors via placement of speakers, machinery etc., or by using soundproofing. Sponsors must include details on this in stand plan sent for approval.
  11. It is mandatory to supply floor covering for space only stands. All floor covering must be fire retardant and a certificate should be available onsite upon request. Any damage to venue carpet will result in a charge being passed to sponsors.
  12. All space only stands to include a visible stand number as part of their build – this can be in various forms, e.g., free standing sign/ included in wall graphic design
  13. Double Decker Stands are not permitted at Money20/20 China.
  14. Doors on stands must be minimum 800mm wide and have a vision panel with a zone of visibility spanning from 500mm to 1500mm above the floor. Doors must be recessed where they open on to public circulation areas, i.e. they must not open directly on to a gangway.
  15. If you will have a platform, we would like you to follow these suggestions:

Traps must be cut into platforms to provide access to the electricity and other service boxes in the building floor. Open corners of stand floors and platforms should be splayed, rounded or angled, if not protected by heavy exhibits, to avoid sharp corners and tripping hazards. Any raised platform on your stand should have a clearly outlined edge. The edge needs to be a contrast from the main floor covering so the edge can be clearly seen. Regarding ramps for wheelchairs, basic rules must be followed e.g. maximum increase = 10%, width of ramp =1meter.